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The Oast Beer Festival
21 & 22 June 2019

Kent Ciders from Dudda's Tun

Thanks to Dudda's Tun cider for their support and sponsoring the ciders provided at the festival

Cider List below

41 Disco Dudda (Alc. 5.3% Vol)
Our first press of the season, this distinctive cider takes its name from the Discovery apples from which it is made. A medium/dry cider, almost hazy, with fresh and fruity notes.

42 Dudda’s Greenhorn (Alc. 5.5% Vol)
Made from early-mid season varieties, including Katy and Bramley, this medium cider is clear and crisp, with a clean and pure aftertaste. A light cider, with fresh green apple undertones.

43 Pear O Duddas (Alc. 5.5% Vol)
This medium, pale and slightly hazy Perry has a subtle fresh pear aroma, and lingering honey notes. Made from super ripe Comice pears, and blended with a touch of Bramley to add a soft acidity.

 44 Blackcurrant (Alc. 4.0%)
A zingy blend of cider and bursting blackcurrants, with a crisp apple finish. A perfect blend of sweetness and soft acidity.

45 Bone Dry Cider (Alc. 5.5% Vol)
This full dry cider is fermented from a blend of early-mid season apples. Perfectly crisp to the taste, and with a soft acidy this cider has similarities to a dry white wine, but with lovely applely notes.

46 Sweet Apple Cider (Alc. 5.5% Vol)
This cider is perfect for those with a slightly sweeter tooth. Made from early-mid season apples, this smooth, pale gold and delicious cider is full of fresh, sweet apple flavour.

47 Cherry (Alc. 4.0% Vol)
A sumptuous blend of cider and cherry. This light berry coloured cider is the ultimate summer drink, great served cold, and as a long drink over ice. Not too sweet, but full of fruity flavours.

48 Apricot (Alc. 4.0% Vol)
Golden in colour, the sweet sunshine flavour of Apricot shines through in this cider. A gorgeous blend of apricot and apple, making it delicious and moreish.

49 Elderflower Cider (Alc. 4.0% Vol)
The most recent addition to our range of fusion ciders. This simple and subtle blend of elderflower with cider is a perfect summer drink. Not too sweet, and not overly floral, this cider is delicate on the palate, and crisp to the end. A delicious, beautifully clean cider.

50 Salted Caramel Cider (Alc. 4.0% Vol)
Bang on trend. This sumptuous blend of cider and caramel, with just a hint of salt to soften the acidity is a massive hit with those who have a sweeter tooth. Golden in colour, with a sweet caramel aroma, this moreish cider will keep heads turning… and pints serving.



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