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The Oast Beer Festival 2019
21 & 22 June 2019

There will be 40 Kent beers and ciders from local breweries including a unique "Toast to the Oast" beer brewed by the Oast team at Four Candles brewery and another locally brewed beer specifically for the festival.

The 2019 beer list can be downloaded as a colour coded PDF file

There are also ciders - the list is here

Once inside you can collect your glass and buy vouchers for the beer, cider and wine. The vouchers cost £10 and are cards marked up with amounts from 10p to £1 that total £10. The beer and cider bar is located in the kiln adjacent to the car park, it doesn't take cash and is tokens only. You can order each beer/cider as pints or halves. When you've chosen your beer or cider please order by the number in the programme and on the barrel and the amount will be marked off your card.

Beers cost between £3.00 and £3.60 depending on the strength

The beer list for 2019 is shown below.

# Brewery Beer ABV Style
1 The Oast Team Toast to the Oast 4.5 Golden Ale
  Specially brewed golden ale for the Oast beer festival with Target and Chinook hops.  2019 batch brewed by Karl, Chris & Nick.
  Donated by Prince of Ales micropub, Rainham
2 Angels and Demons Bombay Social 3.8 IPA
  Light in character with huge hop loveliness.
3 Angels and Demons Racing Tiger 4.2 Lager
  Easy drinking dry hopped Lager is the perfect execution of aromatic hops, infused with a timeless full flavour. 
4 Brew Buddies Juicy Pale 5.5 Pale Ale
  Mosaic, Citra and Cascade shine through this heavily hopped IPA giving a tropical aroma with pineapple, mango and more.
  Sponsor: Raigins
5 Dartford Wobbler Dartford Wobbler 4.3 Bitter
  A full-bodied russet brown premium bitter with a dark malt profile, fruit notes and a dry finish.
6 Dartford Wobbler Blonde Wobbler 4.4 Golden Ale
  A light, refreshing blonde beer with abundant hop taste.
  Sponsor:  The Seeing
7 Goacher's  Real Mild 3.4 Mild
  A full-flavoured dark mild brewed with chocolate and black malts and hopped with Kent Fuggles.
8 Goacher's  Best Dark 4.1 Dark ale
  A rich complex full-bodied ale with high proportions of crystal malt and East Kent Golding hops.
  Sponsor:  MEMS
9 Goacher's  Gold Star 5.1 Golden Ale
  A true draught pale ale made with Maris Otter malted barley and hopped with the finest East Kent aroma hops. Dangerously drinkable.
  Sponsor: JCK Martial Arts
10 Hop Fuzz Yellow Zinger 3.7 Pale Ale
  Summer session ale using three citrus hops. A great refreshing ale.
11 Hop Fuzz Old American Pale 4.2 APA
  A golden summer ale, with notes of tangerine and grapefruit, followed up with a nice rounded bitterness.
  Sponsor: Clive Emson
12 Hopdaemon Skrimshander I.P.A. 4.5 IPA
  An aromatic copper-coloured pale ale with a refreshing taste and a fruity finish.
13 Iron Pier Perry Street Pale 3.7 Pale Ale
  Session pale ale made with fruity American hops giving an orange and grapefruit aroma.
14 Iron Pier Cast Iron Stout 4.7 Stout
  Strong, dry and smooth dark beer.  Dark chocolate, coffee notes with a smooth and bitter finish.
  Sponsor: The Feel Good Corporation Ltd (Dave Stockey)
15 Iron Pier Rosherville Red 4.8 Ruby Ale
  Red ale hopped with Citra and Mosaic resulting in a big fruity nose. Well balanced and deeply scrumptious. 
16 Kent Session Pale 3.7 Pale Ale
  A light and hoppy session beer with hints of citrus and elderflower.
  Sponsor: Jason Liddiard
17 Kent Prohibition 4.8 APA
  A citrusy Pale Ale highly hopped with some of the latest US hop varieties.
  Sponsor: Prince of Ales customers
18 Kent Key Lime Rye 5.3 IPA
  An explosive aroma and taste of key limes in a delicious fruity and creamy Milkshake IPA. 
19 Mad Cat Red Ale 3.9 Ruby Ale
  Pale ale blends malts to produce delicious caramel flavours. Roasted barley darkens the brew and gives the ale a distinctive malty flavour. 
  Sponsor: Gillingham & Rainham Labour Party
20 Mad Cat Under Pressure 4 Bitter
  American style bitter using Lager yeast fermented at ale temperature with East Kent Golding hops.
  Sponsor: Wigmore Vets
21 Musket Flintlock 4.2 Bitter
  A stunning best bitter which will ignite your taste buds with its spicy orange undertones and just a hint of marmalade.
  Sponsor: MEMS
22 Nelson Nelson's Blood 6 Strong Ale
  A strong malty ale that has mellow roast tones. Slightly nutty and fruity with a warming aftertaste.
23 Northdown Pale Ale Mary 4 Pale Ale
  Citrus, passion Fruit, Crisp with a Bitter Finish. 
24 Old Dairy Summer Top 3.6 Golden Ale
  Perfect summer beer to refresh you on a warm summer’s day. Light, golden and very drinkable. 
  Sponsor: Wigmore Florist
25 Old Dairy Uber Brew 3.8 Pale Ale
  Bursting with hops, extremely clean-drinking hoppy pale ale with a strong floral aroma.
26 Old Dairy Cattle Shed 4.2 IPA
  Simco single hopped IPA.  Light, extra refreshing and juicy drink, perfect for the beer garden.
27 Pig & Porter All these Vibes 5.3 Pale Ale
  Chinook and Simcoe hops form the focal point giving a full bodied mouthfeel, with notes of citrus fruits and pine.
28 Ramsgate (Gadds') Summer's Day 4.3 Golden Ale
  Deeply flavourful amber ale brewed with ‘Munich’ malt for a full body and a combination of spicy Kent and fruity west coast hops.
29 Ramsgate (Gadds') Seasider 4.3 Golden Ale
  A mellow, easy drinking ale brewed with Goldings hops with a very decent malty body and a balancing hop flavour.
  Sponsor: Tea & Tots
30 Ramsgate (Gadds') No. 5 4.4 Bitter
  A traditional Kentish best bitter, toffee malt and fresh green hops aroma, the flavour is malt, hops and red berries with a full body finish.
31 Running Man Mosaic 4.7 Pale Ale
  Dry hopped mosaic pale produced specifically for the Oast Beer Festival 2019.
  Sponsor: Jason Liddiard
32 Swan on the Green Fuggles Pale 3.6 Pale Ale
  Traditional hoppy session pale ale brewed with Fuggles hops.
33 Tonbridge Coppernob 3.8 Bitter
  Medium dry copper coloured ale with a biscuit and caramel maltiness and a robust hoppy finish.
34 Tonbridge Velvet Raven 5.2 Stout
  Classic English style stout with a fuller body and aromatic coffee, chocolate and liquorice notes charging through. 
  Sponsor: Ashley Carr
35 Wantsum Black Pig 4.8 Porter
  Adapted from an imperial Russian porter recipe, incredibly smooth with burnt chocolate and smoky malt and floral notes.
36 Westerham Spirit of Kent 4 Pale Ale
  Pale ale hopped with nine different types of Kent bred hops in a total of nine separate additions.
  Sponsor: John McNally
37 Westerham 15th Anniversary IPA 4.5 IPA
  Anniversary session IPA featuring 15 different hops layered over a base of four malts, this session IPA is a toast to 15 years of Westerham Brewery.
38 Whitstable  East Indian Pale Ale 4.1 IPA
  Vibrant yet well-balanced hop flavours give an assertive finish. A blend of aromatic hops and pale malt gives a citrus floral aroma. 
39 Whitstable  Citra 4.4 Pale Ale
  Golden ale with a vivid and delicious citrus kick, aromas and flavours of peaches and tropical fruit break out on a second taste.
40 Whitstable  Oyster Stout 4.5 Stout
  A classic Stout with deep chocolate and mocha flavours.


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